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Testing Laboratory Facilities
Through our in-house laboratories and testing facilities, we provide facility engineering support as well as forensic field investigations. This includes digital photography and microscopic investigations of material conditions and failures.
Materials Evaluation by Microscope
Under microscopic evaluation, this fixture clearly shows a fracture which may not be readily apparent with the naked eye. This microscopic view enables our investigators to determine the true cause of failure.
Combustion Laboratory Testing
Test firing of propane, natural gas, fuel oil, and wood pellet appliances allows us to document true firing characteristics. Our ability to use infrared imaging provides an extra tool to help confirm these findings.

Our Combustion Laboratory identifies combustion equipment failures in appliances such as oil burners, any gas fired devices, pellet stoves, and water heaters.

Burn Room Laboratory
In our Burn Room Laboratory, we are able to re-create a variety of fire and explosion scenarios. These are filmed, sometimes in slow motion, to allow us further opportunities for analysis.

Test Firing Combustion Equipment
This photograph shows the first test firing of this piece of combustion equipment. All fuels are available for testing including No. 2, liquefied petroleum (LP), and natural gas.
Electrical Laboratory Testing
ISE's Electrical Laboratories are capable of supplying various voltages and phases of power for testing failure scenarios of electrical aquipment and appliances.
Well Pump Testing
An on-premises test well and the latest electronic metering devices allow ISE to perform real time testing of submersible well pumps to identify true cause of failure.
Spray Chamber Testing
Our laboratory facilities include a spray chamber for the testing of various devices and components. Here, a nozzle is subjected to rigorous testing to determine cause of failure.

Teardown and Examination
Our fully-equipped laboratory provides us with the ability to tear down complex components and pieces of equipment to determine the exact cause of failure beyond any doubt. The alternative - a cursory examination - will leave many unanswered questions and unreliable conclusions.

Hosting Equipment Examinations
ISE's examination rooms, laboratories, and evidence storage facilities are available for use by outside investigators.

Our facility includes a vast temperature-controlled storage area where evidence is securely retained. In the event of later investigation and possible court proceedings, the equipment in question can be made available easily.